The visionaries behind the product.

Fred Harkness

  • President

Fred has been a builder for over 35 years as owner and operator of Harkness Built construction and design firm. Through many years of residential innovation, design, and construction, it became apparent to Fred that there was a definite need to improve and integrate roofing and energy technology. This became his ambition, and after several designs, prototypes, and tests, Fred installed the pilot system on a residential garage. With a year of initial testing in hand and positive efficiency results from preliminary tests from the Florida Solar Energy Center, Fred went on to develop INroof into the business it is today. With a patent pending and ICC-SRCC™ OG-100 certification in hand, Fred looks forward to bringing energy efficient and design-compatible roofing to consumers.

Jessica Mulcahy

  • Chief Operating Officer

Jessica is an environmental enthusiast who has been a leading member of since its early stages. Bringing years of corporate experience, she believes education, organization and creative, custom solutions will be the tipping point in clean energy expansion. With a focus on ethical business and data-driven decisions, Jessica is pleased to be behind such a unique, sensible and robust product. She is always in search of new projects, partnerships and opportunities to grow and optimize the company.

Joe DiPietro

  • Project Manager

Joe has worked in the construction industry for over 33 years on projects ranging from Boston’s Big Dig and the MBTA’s Silverline, to industrial, educational, and commercial office buildings, including some smaller scale residential projects. While working for a firm from Cape Cod he oversaw the installation of 5 separate wind turbines throughout Eastern Mass. This work renewed an interest in renewable energy. While always having a keen interest in solar energy, particularly solar thermal, he discovered INroof in his back yard. When the opportunity to join the company arose it was a perfect fit. Joe brings a wide range of field experience and knowledge to the team.

Caleb Reninger

  • Consultant

Caleb was a test engineer with the Florida Solar Energy Center for over 10 years, specializing in solar thermal collector testing. Caleb’s experience has given him invaluable knowledge of solar thermal products currently on the market as well as a broad understanding of the solar industry as a whole.

John Del Mar, P.E.

  • Engineer

John was a Senior Research Engineer, Program Director, and Technical Manager at the Florida Solar Energy Center’s thermal test lab from 2008 through 2015. During his tenure, the FSEC test laboratory was one of only a few labs worldwide that were ISO 17025 accredited to provide the solar thermal tests required for SRCC certification. John oversaw testing and analysis of solar thermal and solar PV products from many prominent worldwide manufacturers. John established a working relationship with INroof while at FSEC and has provided technical consulting since leaving the FSEC in the Fall of 2015.

Jacqueline Goodhue

  • Marketing Coordinator

Jacqueline is proud to use her bachelor’s degree in marketing to encourage growth for Progressing from the marketing intern to the marketing coordinator, she has been present and productive through many INroof milestones. Her passion for nature, going green, and solar energy fuels her motivation as a creative and inspired marketing coordinator for INroof.



Willem Mulder

  • Manufacturing

Willem is a talented carpenter who works in the field for INroof from start to finish of a project. Working with Harkness Built originally introduced Willem to He manufactures the solar thermal collector panels in the warehouse so they are ready for installation. He has hands on experience from custom design houses to fixer uppers and everything in between. Willem brings a diverse background of understanding construction for the entirety of a project. He can take on any task and does so with professionalism and ease.