Architectural integrity. Energy efficiency.

INroof, not on the roof.

We identified a need for a solar panel system that fits into the design of a building, is aesthetically pleasing, and eliminates the need for additional components on the roof. So we paired aesthetics and function, hid solar technology in our custom panels, and launched our business. The result is the most efficient and most aesthetically pleasing roof-integrated solar product on the market!

Here’s how they work.

  • The top surface of the panel is a robust roofing material that collects solar thermal energy using a special low solar reflective/high absorption Kynar finish paint. Heat is transferred by conduction through a customized heat exchanger to a propylene glycol solutiom (nontoxic anti-freeze) that is circulated through integrated fin-pipes.
  • The heat from the gycol is then delivered to a storage tank where the energy is stored.
  • The system draws energy from the storage tank for use as domestic hot water, space heating, ice melting and swimming pool heating or industrial processes.


But there’s more.

INroof’s (patent-pending) panel design will change the way you look at all solar panels.

Because no two projects are exactly alike, our panel sizes can be customized for virtually any structure.

Think of our products as a new way to look at solar energy and construction technique at a time when it’s needed most.

Our panels qualify for tax credits up to 30% of their cost under the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit—this includes the cost of the conventional roofing materials that are integrated into the panels. Speak to a tax professional about the benefits which apply to your project.

These are efficient effective panels with an architectural soul.