Architectural integrity. Energy efficiency.

What sets our system apart is our less-is-more philosophy. Our multifunctional system provides an array of solutions. The integration of solar collection below the metal roofing surface gives you a design-conscious option for solar energy. The panels are impervious to harsh weather conditions and actually help solve ice damming problems. Plus the extra layer of insulation means even when the sun’s not shining, your system is still working by putting a blanket over your home. This means your investment in alternative energy lasts longer and performs better. Pretty smart, huh?


We identified the need for a highly efficient solar energy option that was either aesthetically pleasing or visually undetectable. Then we made it happen. Our collectors are a no-brainer because they provide a wealth of benefits without sacrificing building design making the conscious choice a beautiful one. Externally our collectors appear as a standing seam metal roof – crisp, bold, classic – but inside a layer of insulation and our patent pending solar thermal collection system work to lower your heating, hot water and cooling costs. These are efficient, effective panels with an architectural soul.


Research by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) found American homes devote, on average, 59% of their homes’ total energy consumption to space and water heating, a number that climbs up to 75% in cooler areas like our home state of Massachusetts. Commercial buildings nationally and across all industries spend 32% of total energy on space and water heating, with averages throughout the 40s and even over 50% in industries like education, healthcare and government (without account for climatic differences). We aim to make the biggest difference by tackling the largest share of consumption.

Our solar thermal collectors take in the sun’s heat blazing down on your roof and deliver it to where it’s needed most. The top surface of our collectors uses a special low-solar-reflective finish paint to absorb heat which is then transferred by conduction to a nontoxic propylene glycol solution that is circulated through custom made fin-pipes attached to the metal roofing. The heat from the glycol is then delivered or stored to be drawn from later.  Thermal energy can be used for solar hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating, ice melting and swimming pool heating or industrial processes.