How we make it work.

Why metal roofing?

Metal roofing has many advantages including longevity, the ability to shed snow, resistance to all weather conditions, and perhaps the best part—it is completely recyclable. It’s high thermal conductivity makes it a near perfect solar thermal collector.


Our panels provide up to 75% of the energy needed for heating functions, effectively saving 50% or more of would-be nonrenewable energy consumption, thus saving the consumer the cost of that purchased energy. Our integrated solar thermal energy collection system has demonstrated efficienciy four times greater than other currently available alternative products.

Testing, testing, testing.

The Nor’easter collector from INroof has undergone the complete durability and performance testing required by the ICC-SRCC™ for certification. Testing was performed by an accredited, independent 3rd party according to strict international testing standards. In addition, during development, several prototypes of the INroof panel system underwent extensive testing at the Florida Solar Energy Center (itself an accredited, 3rd party testing facility). During this development phase, the design was modified and improved to the refined commercial product available today. At INroof, we believe in making the necessary commitment and investment up-front to get the very best commercial product – right the first time!

The improved efficiency over existing roof-integrated solar thermal products has been verified by independent third-party testing and the improved efficiencies have been measured over a wide range of operating conditions. The innovation of our system is centered on the custom aluminum extrusion that is assembled with conventional plumbing materials and bonded to conventional roofing materials to create a robust roofing system. The significant performance gains over existing technologies are achieved by allowing the working heat transfer fluid to be in direct contact with the roofing material.

Staying Power

Some types of roofing last as few as 15 years but metal roofing alone already provides a good value of lifespan to cost ratio. With INroof you get the benefits of a metal roof plus the environmental and financial benefits of using the sun as the source of your energy. That’s an investment that will last.

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