Designed with performance and aesthetics in mind.

INroof Solar Panels are pre-plumbed, insulated, and ready for installation by any skilled metal roofing contractor. Our panels are ICC-SRCC™ certified and boast the highest efficiency ratings over the broadest range of operating conditions of any SRCC certified roof-integrated collector.

The panel’s design will not allow overheating of the glycol making for systems with longer life and low maintenance.  When paired with a heat pump, our panels deliver even higher efficiencies and extend the life of roofing materials by operating at even lower temperatures.

Our panels give you an attractive, sustainable energy option that doesn’t sacrifice performance—in cold or warm climates.

What sets our system apart is our less-is-more philosophy. Our multifunctional system provides an array of solutions. The integration of solar collection below the metal roofing surface gives you a design-conscious option for solar energy. The panels are impervious to harsh weather conditions and actually help solve ice damning problems. Plus the extra layer of insulation means even when the sun’s not shining, your system is still working by putting a blanket over your home. This means your investment in alternative energy lasts longer and performs better. Pretty smart, huh?