What we do for you.


INroof.solar collectors are pre-plumbed, insulated, and ready for installation by any skilled metal roofing contractor. Our Nor’easter collector is ICC-SRCC™ certified and boasts the highest efficiency ratings over the broadest range of operating conditions of any SRCC™ certified roof-integrated collector. Whether full scale design with ongoing monitoring or direct sales, our diverse team has the expertise needed to make your project a success.


Bringing decades of experience in design, construction, project management and solar engineering, we are happy to assist with designing truly intelligent systems that integrate into the heating and cooling system of the building. Using aerial analysis and specialized software, we can propose a system design and estimate its performance. Our systems can provide domestic hot water, space heating, energy storage, and even heat removal in the cooling season, or ice removal from roof surfaces following winter storms. Whether it’s new construction or a roof replacement, we’ll make sure you get the utmost in energy efficiency.


We offer direct from manufacturer sales to consumers, retailers and suppliers. Please get in contact with us through our website or at info@inroof.solar to discuss custom design, color and pricing.